Buyer Protection

When purchasing textbooks from our marketplace there may be times that you are not completely happy with what you received. We are here to help you when that happens and therefore we created a policy to protect you as a buyer.

What to expect when buying from bookconnect:

1. Upon completion of the order, both the textbook seller and site admin will receive an email notifying them of the sale upon which the seller will be contacted by site admin to confirm receipt of the order and book availability. 

2. You’ll receive a ship confirmation email when the book has been collected from the seller by our courier company. Tracking information will also be provided in the email.

4. Once delivery of your book has occurred you are required to notify us within three (3) business days of any disputes or issues you may have with your purchase.

Below you will find scenario's covered under the Buyer Protection Policy. Please inform us of any issues you may have with your order. 

Issues Covered Under Buyer Protection Policy

Your order was cancelled.

Your order might be cancelled due to the following reasons:

1. The seller cancelled the order because they no longer have the book in stock.

2. Bookconnect cancelled the order because the seller did not confirm the order.

Cancelled orders are refunded in full.

Delivery is taking longer than expected

We follow up and track all collections and deliveries but if, for whatever reason, it has been more than 7 working days and still no delivery we will refund you back in full.

Your book was damaged during shipment.

We provide sellers with instructions on how to securely pack and ship orders. If your book was damaged during shipment you are eligible to receive a full refund. You will be required to return the book to the seller in order to qualify for the refund. We will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

The condition of the book is not what you have expected.

We rely on the seller to be honest when describing the items they have for sale. If the book was received in a condition different than the seller originally listed it you are within your rights to not accept the purchase and receive a full refund. Send a e-mail to or phone us on 011 467 1738 within three (3) days after book has been delivered giving the reasons for not accepting the order. Include pictures if possible. We will arrange the book te be collected and returned back to the seller at the sellers cost. Visit our Helpdesk page for more info and instructions on returing books to the seller.

The ISBN of the book is not what you ordered

Sellers are required to list their book under the ISBN printed on the back of the book by the publisher. If the ISBN of the book you received does not match the ISBN of the book you ordered you are within your rights to return the book and qualify for a refund.  We will arrange the book te be collected and returned back to the seller at the seller's cost.