How do I know if my order has been shipped?

We will contact the seller immediately upon receiving your order to confirm the sale. Once confirmed we will arrange for the book to be collected by our courier company.  As soon as your textbook has been dispatched we will send you the tracking number which will deem as confirmation of shipping. You can use the tracking number to track the delivery of your order with the relevant courier company.

What if the book received is not what I ordered or is in a different condition than expected?

You are protected by our Buyer Protection Policy and become eligible for a refund if the book received does not meet expected standards. In the case of receiving the wrong book or if it's in a condition not acceptable to you, notify us within three (3) days after delivery. You may return the book to the seller and be eligible for a full refund.

When will I receive my refund for a cancelled or rejected order?

After your claim has been received and investigated please allow 3 business days for the amount to be paid back to your bank account.

How do I ship a book back to the seller?

We will arrange the book to be collected from an address specified by you. All you need to do is place the book in a bubbled envelope, print the label we will email you and attach it to the envelope.

Buyer Protection Policy

The Buyer Protection Policy is in place to protect you as a buyer. Click on the link to visit the page and read more about it.

What is Bookconnect?

Bookconnect allows students to sell their used university and college textbooks in our shop. There are no fee's to register and list your books.  We will only take a 15% commission from the sale of each book. Bookconnect processes payment from the buyer and once delivery has been confirmed the seller gets paid. All Seller payments are issued the day after delivery is confirmed via eft directly to your bank account.  By selling on Bookconnect, you are agreeing to the  Seller Agreement.

Book Quality Rating

Please rate the quality of your books honestly as buyers will be making purchasing decisions based on the ratings you provide. If the quality of an item is misrepresented, Bookconnect reserves the right to issue a full refund to the buyer and take the sale amount from your pending seller payment. The following are guidelines to be used by sellers to rate the quality of their items:

Excellent: Appears to be brand new and in perfect condition. Spine shows no signs of creasing and pages contain no highlighting and/or writing.

Good: Shows signs of light use but the cover is still clean with no signs of damage. All pages are intact and contain no highlighting and/or writing.

Average: Used condition and shows signs of normal wear, including bent corners and/or pages. Pages may contain minimal amounts of highlighting and/or writing.

Below Average: Books are still in usable condition but the cover may show signs of minor damage and pages may contain heavy highlighting and/or writing.

Setting the selling price

We allow you to set your own price for the books you wish to sell. When setting the price please take into account our 15% commission.

Who pays for delivery?

Delivery cost is paid by the buyer and is automatically added to the price of the book at checkout.

Order Confirmation and Processing

We will send you an email once a book has been purchased. You will also be contacted soon after to confirm the sale and availability of the textbook. After confirmation, we will arrange for our courier company to collect the textbook from your premises. All books are sent via overnight courier however, outlying areas may take up to three days.

Once the book is delivered and the buyer indicated that he or she is happy with what they have received,  you will be paid the following business day. 

What are the packaging requirements for delivery?

To keep courier cost and low as possible while providing adequate protection for the book you are required to place books in a bubbled/padded envelope. If more than one book is to be shipped to a single customer special arrangements will be made.