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Life Happened

Last day of high school, what was your first thought? Freedom? I am finally going to start my life? No more getting up early, attending classes I don’t like? This was your thoughts, right? A couple of years later you realize this was the easy part in life. So why do we feel the need to studying?

Each one of us makes a choice in life, if it is one day after high school or 10 years after high school, we feel the need to grow. Grow into something more than what we currently are. This means you have reached your level of maturity and want to step to the next level. Even though you are a mom with 3 beautiful children, or a man who has worked for 30 years since he has dropped out of school at 16, we all feel the need to succeed in life. Not for the people around you, for yourself!

So why study at the age of 30? Should you not be married and think of having children soon? Why not at 30? Why not at 40? The need for achievement will never leave your heart. You will get use to your life, your patterns, but never have the feeling this is enough…

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