Seller Agreement and Terms of Use


1.1 Welcome to Bookconnect(the “The company”)This Seller Agreement (this “Agreement”) sets forth the terms and conditions that apply to selling textbooks on By accepting this agreement upon creating a profile, you accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement and choose to become a member of

1.2 Modification.We reserve the right to modify this agreement and revisions will be effective immediately. Sellers will be notified of any changes and revisions and continued use will constitute acceptance of the revised agreement.

2.Becoming a seller on Bookconnect

2.1 All sellers must create a profile to sell on this site.  By creating a profile and accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement you become a member of this site. You must provide your name, address, phone number, email address and your banking details. Your banking details are needed in order to pay you for books sold on this site.  All your information is kept private in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By accepting this Agreement, you authorise Bookconnect and its agents to make necessary enquiries to establish the validity of your user information.

3. Uploading a book to sell on the site

3.1 After creating a profile, Sellers are given access to their Bookconnect sellers dashboard. Within the dashboard the Seller has the ability to view and confirm orders, upload and manage books, view payment details and monitor their sales performance. The Seller should navigate to the "upload a book" tab on the homepage to upload books.  When listing the book(s), the Seller assigns a price and describes the quality of each textbook. As a Seller, you agree to provide accurate descriptions of the condition of the uploaded books.

3. How books are sold

3.1 All books uploaded by sellers become available on bookconnect's shop page. A buyer identifies a book he or she wishes to purchase and add it to their shopping cart. They proceed with making the purchase through the standard checkout process.

3.2 After completion of the checkout the seller will receive a email notifying them of the sale. The seller is required to follow the link in the email to confirm the sale. The Seller has up to five (5) business days to confirm pending sales. Any sales not confirmed within the allowed time will be cancelled. Monitor your email accounts regularly.

3.3 Once we have received confirmation we will arrange with our couriers to collect the book from your premises and deliver to the buyer. A conveniant collection date will be communicated with you.

4. Completing the sale

4.1 After confirmation that the book has been delivered to the buyer, the buyer will have three(3) days to review and assess the condition of his purchase. The buyer is expected to notify us of any disputes or issues they may have with the purchase within the three days. If we are not notified we accept that they are happy with their purchase and the money will be debited to your account on the next allocated payment schedule. Payments to sellers occur the following business day after buyer confirms acceptance.

5. Prohibited Items

 5.1 Pornographic Materials. You agree not to list, sell or buy any pornographic or obscene materials through the Site, whether directly or indirectly.

5.2 Illegal Activity. You agree not to use this Site for unlawful purposes, to abide by all relevant  laws, and not to register under a false name or use fraudulent financial information.

5.3 Stolen Property. The sale of stolen property is absolutely forbidden.

6. Results of Violations to the Agreement.

6.1 Investigations. In the event of complaints or violations, we may conduct an extensive investigation. You agree to cooperate fully and without reservations with such investigations.

6.2 Violations, Termination and Suspension. We may suspend or end your access to this Site, and remove your listed books if you (a) violate this Agreement; (b) do not cooperate with an investigation of a reported violation; (c) we are unable to verify your personal and/or financial information; or (d) we believe you are involved in illegal activity. Payments due to you may be suspended while an investigation takes place. We are not obligated to pay you for any sale if we have good reason to believe the items sold were in violation of this Agreement.

 6.3 Disclosure of Information. Unlawful conduct may be reported to law enforcement officials in accordance with the Bookconnect Privacy Policy.

6.4 Making Adjustments. You authorize us to withhold payment for any money owed to Bookconnect if one of the following situations is true: (a) a sale is canceled for any reason; (b) a cancellation or refund is issued according to our Marketplace Buyer Protection Policy; (c) we have reason to believe you committed an illegal act during the buying or selling process; or (d) you owe us a specific amount for any sale made through your Seller account.

7. Your Warranties to the site.

7.1 For all items you list as a Seller, you guarantee that your item descriptions and quality ratings accurately represent the condition of items offered for sale.

7.2 You guarantee that the information you provide us and other members is accurate, legal, contains nothing that can be interpreted as pornography, does not violate copyright law, and contains no viruses and/or other destructive electronic devices. Items must be listed by the ISBN printed on the product by the publisher. An item may not be listed if it is described in a “materially different” way from its ISBN product information, except as it applies to the quality of the item. An item is considered “materially different” if the ISBN is in any way different from the ISBN product information listed on 

7.3 You agree to indemnify Bookconnect and all its associates guiltless against all cost and expenses incurred by the Site and its associates that arise from any claim by third parties related to your actions or omissions.

8. Warranty.

8.1 Bookconnect claims no responsibility for any damages which may result from the purchase, sale, distribution or use of items sold through the site.

8.3 Bookconnect reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Site or any part of the Site with or without notice.

9. Product Pricing 

Bookconnect allows you to set your own price for the books you wish to sell and you may change the price of any item at any time. Your Seller account balance will be credited for 85% of the selling price for each product sold. Shipping cost are covered by the buyer. 

Bookconnect reserves the right to change their commission rate and/or shipping reimbursement at any time. Sellers will be notified in advance if Bookconnect plans to implement changes to commission rates.

10. Quality Rating

It is important that the quality of your items is properly represented. Customers will be making purchasing decisions based on the quality ratings you provide. To ensure customer satisfaction, please rate the condition of each item honestly. If the quality of an item is misrepresented, the Bookconnect reserves the right to issue a full refund to the customer as stated in our Marketplace Buyer Protection Policy and take the sale amount from your seller account balance. 

11. Confirming and Shipping Orders

You will receive an email from the Bookconnect for every order you receive. When you receive this email you have up to five (5) business days  to confirm the sale. To confirm the sale, you  must follow the link in the mail provided where you will confirm or change desired collection address and date it will be ready to be collected. If an order is not confirmed within the specified amount of time, the order will be cancelled and a full refund will be issued to the customer. If an order is cancelled, you will not receive payment for the sale.

12. Order packaging

To keep courier cost and low as possible while providing adequate protection for the book you are required to place books in a bubbled envelope. If more than one book is to be shipped to a single customer special arrangements will be made.

We will provide you with the address label that contains the customers shipping address. You must print this and attach it to the envelope.

 13. Seller Payment Guidelines

13.1 Payment Guidelines. Sellers are eligible for payment once an order has been delivered and the buyer is happy with his or her purchase. Payments are issued the next business day after acceptance of delivery.  It is important to provide the correct banking details. 

13.2 Chargebacks or disputes. As a Seller you agree to be responsible for all chargebacks and/or disputes filed in accoordance to our Buyer Protection Policy. If Bookconnect is notified of a chargeback and/or dispute, we will investigate the claim.  If it is found that you have provide false or misleading information, failed to send the book or sent the wrong book the book will be returned to you with the courier cost being debited from your account.